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Every Champion has a Coach...

Coach David Howie  coaches individuals to understand self, set Targets--get unstuck and  achieve those Targeted Goals.

Coaching to Hire the Best   

Statistics reveal employee engagement nationally at 39% and employee turnover can range from  from 35%  to 75%.  David will Coach you to hire effectively and give you the tools to manage the new employee to get him/her “on-board” and keep him/her “on-board”.  On site training for key managers and supervisors can be conducted to equip them to get the most out of their team.  Reveal those employees who belong, (and who don’t belong)… and what to do about it.  We can train and certify members of your team on the TTI SI Assessments.

Career Coaching

Assess your skills, motivations, behavior style, world and self view and then…

Get On Target with your life’s purpose. Realize your ideal environment– your strengths and direction towards advancement in the Career that fits you.  Working with Coach who has spent nearly two decades in Search and Placement can help you discover that Plan for your life’s work. TTI SI Assessments online.  Sessions conducted in person, Skype/Zoom and/or Phone.   

6 Sessions or 12 Sessions

Couples Personalized Workshop

Sometimes couples need a coach! This is a 1 day workshop that focuses on the three essentials to a healthy marriage, which are: Emotionally Open, Physically Close, and Spiritually Connected. Couples complete an application and online assessments prior to the workshop. The Power of Us Workshop focuses on eight to ten modules. Topics include: Understanding our unique individual personal designs, communication skills, conflict resolution, problem solving, mutual expectations, forgiveness, healthy ways of dealing with emotion, and more. Workshops are held in beautiful Green Lake, Wisconsin. Two (2) follow up 50 minute [Skype or conference Phone calls (or face to face)] sessions and online TTI SI Assessments included in workshop fee.


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